Wireless Power and Data Transfer

We have developed a new metamaterial technology that enables the transfer of power and data across surfaces of any size or shape. Our tools, models, analytical methods and significant IP portfolio makes designing these structures for any given demand of power and bandwidth possible.

  • No wires or cables
  • Simple and cheap to manufacture
  • No limit to number of connected devices
  • No vulnerable connectors to disconnect or mis-align
  • Extremely robust and tolerant to abuse (e.g. submersion in water)
  • Weatherproof data connections
  • Can be woven into flexible materials
  • Integrated into furniture, walls, flooring
  • Frequency tuneable and safe
Easy integration

The technology can be readily adopted into almost any surface (furniture, clothing, carpets, wallpaper etc) to provide an environment where data and power can be sent to any device in close proximity. For example, by incorporating the technology within an All-In-One computer, all wires could be eliminated from desktops.

Laptops, mobile phones, cameras, printers and media devices can all charge and communicate with one another from a table-top integrated with the metamaterial.

Limitless application

The use of electrical devices is ubiquitous and as such our technology may be applied in an extraordinarily wide range of applications and fields. Metamaterial technology may replace existing (often congested) electrical infrastructures in:

  • Office spaces
  • Domestic / home environments
  • Consumer electronics
  • The automotive industry
  • Coffee shops, cinemas and restaurants
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Clothing and fabrics

The architecture of computers, and other electrical devices requiring microprocessors, and circuit boards connected to peripheral devices can be entirely re-engineered using infinitely interchangeable (and therefore recyclable) components manufactured as self-contained units. This will increase product life while reducing cost, carbon footprint and wastage.